Whole Other* album – Richard Spaven

Listen to Whole Other*, the first full-length album by jazzy UK drummer Richard Spaven, a musician who’s worked with 4hero, Mark de Clive-Lowe and The Cinematic Orchestra


Even though you may not know his name, you’ve almost certainly heard Richard Spaven’s musicianship. The UK drummer has played with a host of artists, including 4hero, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Flying Lotus, José James, Robert Mitchell and The Cinematic Orchestra. Back in 2010, he also released Spaven’s 5ive, a mini album on the Jazz Re:freshed label.

On the Whole Other*, Spaven’s first full-length album, it’s inevitable that the influences of his previous co-workers can be heard, with The Cinematic Orchestra’s jazzy sonic palette being most recognisable. This isn’t wholly surprising as The Cinematic Orchestra’s guitarist Stuart McCallum features prominently on several tracks.

Other notable appearances include Blue Note trumpeter Takuya Kuroda, while Sam Paul Evans and Roxane Dayette from London outfit The Hics lend their vocals to the album’s title track.

Interestingly, the Whole Other* really comes into its own when played through decent headphones or speakers, allowing listeners to pick up on its subtle, interlacing harmonies.

On this page is a four-track sample of the Whole Other*, which can be bought from iTunes, Amazon and all credible stores.

Pic credit: Guy Van de Poel
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1 Assemble (Intro)
2 Whole Other* (feat. The Hics)
3 Taj
4 SideIISide
5 Tribute
6 The Look Out
7 Bianca
8 Closure (feat. Kutmah)
9 Speedbird



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